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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I don't know... I've seen Mills drive it to the rim, lay it in and see a Parker like floater at least a couple of times... There is a difference between not being able to and not doing it.. I think Mills is capable of taking it to the rim because I've seen it. If pop wants him to I'm sure he will... He is shooting so lights out right now, may not need to anytime soon. I love Parker, but he is getting old, I would get value while I still can... But thst won't happen obviously.... Maybe Mills doesn't shoot like this every game... But he is a very good player... If he comes down to earth, it may only be a 3 second fall.

One thing is for sure... I wish we had this Mills when Parker dinged up his hammy against Miami in game 1.
we had this Mill, but Pop had his rotation by then, and it was gary neal as the back up. Mill didnt get a chance last year to play. I think he is better than neal both offensively and defesenvely , but he is playing for a contract, he is the backup point guard we were looking for the last three years. I do beleive Manu must take a bit of a back seat with the new players like belinelli and leonard, no trades needed ,we have a very good team, and i dont think we can get anybody to do antying agaisnt durant or lebron, this is who we are and we can win it, yes with tiago and his ugly shot. he is a big body
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