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Two things a team should never give up unless they have true viable backups: an all-star true point guard and a good if not great center because a good big man is hard to find. Tony runs the team on the floor. He can score when he feels like it. Meaning, Tony many a time will be a distributer for 3 quarters then distribute AND score in the forth. I am a Mills fan but, I won't say he is better than Tony after just 2 great games. He plays the point but his assist rate is low. If I'm not mistaken but Tim had more assist than Mills with 5 versus the Blazers. Mills should be primary backup to Tony but he needs to distribute more. Thus, be a point guard. He can score and be a point guard at the same time. One way you win a game when you are being out rebounded is you must pass the ball. Assist must be high. And the Spurs lead the league in assist. Tony is a main reason of that.
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