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Spurs at Clippers Game Report

Posted this in the San Antonio Spurs Fans of California Facebook Group so many of the local references may not mean anything to you but thought I'd share it here anyway. Also included some pictures but I'm not sure how to do that here.

After spending 3 awesome and very very late nights in Las Vegas over Presidentís Day weekend, my wife and I got home at close to midnight on Monday. After unpacking my stuff, one of the first things I did was check ticket prices. Prices for the suites we were looking at were actually going up and I was afraid that my usual strategy of waiting as long as possible to buy was finally gonna fail. There were some decent prices on regular seats however so I figured weíd still be okay. After checking out the broker websites I also perused Craigslist and found a few options that sounded good but if you do much Craigslist buying and selling you know how often postings are not removed even after the item was sold and how flakey people can be. I sent out a couple of inquiries by text before going to bed. I wake up to a reply text at about 6:30am. Heís got 5, but right now Iím only looking for 3. Heís actually quite close to me and asks me to take 5 so I make a low offer of $250 total figuring I can move the extra pair since itís half price of the $100 face value and good seats way down low. I rush to meet him before he goes to work and do the exchange.

I post about having the extra pair of tickets for sale here and was a bit surprised no one was interested but it was the day of the game so itís understandable. I then post it for sale on CL and work out a deal with a buyer who will meet me before the game (the markup and that sale paid for my ticket so I went for free!). Tod & J drive up from SD to my place and we head out at about 4:45. GPS says that itís gonna be 1:45 to go the 50 miles to Staples! Damn, Iím used to being halfway to Vegas in that amount of time. We use the carpool lane and blow through most of OC with very little slowdown and make it to Downtown in just over an hour. Park in our usual lot for $15 and walk over to Yard House. The place is busy but you can eventually get a drink at the bar if you are patient. We take a spin and find Paige and her group and then we also eventually find Denise and hers. The buyer of my extra pair comes by shortly after that and weíve got about 50 minutes til tip off. We go back around the corner and get some quick drinks at Flemings (HH now ends at 6pm) and then walk over to Staples.

The line to get in is a bit slow since most everyone seems to be arriving at the same time but it was our fault for going to the main entrance and Iíll try to remember not to do that next time. We are all given a Cliff Paul bobblehead on the way in (market value of about $30 today so now I made money going to the game?!). Made our way to the seats and were a bit surprised that the tunnel sections 105 (visitor) and 117 (home) include both sides of the tunnel so there are three entrances. I just wanted to point this out since youíll have a decent shot of getting autographs from here or at least some close up pictures. Also good to note that the teams warm up on the opposite side from the bench so the Spurs were on our side which was cool. Tod pointed out that several of the Clippersí kids were sitting down below us (Paul, Barnes & ?)

After Parker was declared out, I thought there was a possibility that Pop was going to give even more guys a rest like heís done in the past but fortunately that was not the case and it would have been strange anyway since this is the first game back from the All Star break. Looked for Kawhi who was listed as a game time decision and were disappointed to not see him out there. Phone signal for non-Verizon customers in Staples was horrendous but I still managed to get a moneyline bet in on the Spurs (paying just over 2 to 1 since the Clippers were favored). Didnít feel all that confident about it especially without TP but I had done well over the weekend in Vegas and got the tickets for so cheap that I didnít mind risking a little something (read as: justification from a degenerate).

Most of us all saw the game so I wonít get into that much but from the early party of the game, it felt like a slow, ugly, no-rhythm game would at least give the Spurs a chance and sure enough it did. At halftime I went cruising around the concourse just to see how many Spurs fans I would bump into. I asked the first one I talked to if she was on Facebook as I was going to suggest she join our group. She said ďNo, but Iím Kawhi Leonardís momĒ. I flipped out immediately and started telling her about how much we love her son being on the Spurs, how heís the only Californian on the team, his humility, etc. She was really sweet and seemed to genuinely enjoy hearing me gush.

I didnít feel like we we had a good shot at winning this game until we get to the 4th quarter with a lead. Patty Mills stepped up HUGE and I was wishing that I had a towel to wave for him!

We said our goodbyes to the Clippers fans around us who were all pretty cool and respectful (as they usually are, definitely way more so than Lakers fans). Hung out behind the live post game Clippers Live show for a few minutes and jumped up and down to try and get on TV. Other folks who were there before us even had a ďGO SPURS GOĒ chant going on when they were on live. Did anyone hear it?

Felt great driving home with a short-handed victory though it took longer than it should have as CalTrans had the 405 closed at Studebaker (near Long Beach area) and made us take a somewhat lengthy detour. Picked up some Del Taco (too bad we donít have a Taco Cabana here!) and fast forwarded our way through the game on DVR. Saw ourselves on the post game but if you didnít know exactly where to look you wouldnít see us.

Iím glad that I finally got to meet Paige and Denise even if it was brief and hope that more of us can get together at future games. Tod & J are always a blast to hang out with so Iím glad that they were available for this game. Unfortunately this was the only Spurs regular season game Iíll make this year as the Lakers game falls during the first weekend of March Madness which I go to Las Vegas every year for. Guess that makes me 1 Ė 0!

Go Spurs Go!
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