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Originally Posted by SilverSpur View Post
That is truly a rare glimpse into the mind of Popoovich.

I find it very telling that he describes the match up problems the way he does... He falls short of out and out telling you that the Spurs need to get a/some bits to address those needs, but that is certainly what he seems to be saying, isn't it?
Pop is exhausted and be very candid.

Plan A was to come into the season with the same core that got them to the Finals and accumulate another year of experience under their belts to be even better. It was not a bad plan considering the Spurs didn't have the capital to do much else. But the stage was set for 6 contending teams in the League to reach a level of quality probably unparalleled in NBA history in so far as a balance of talent, coaching and system. Even before the rash of injuries, Plan A was not coming together as the solution. The evidence is probably most obvious in the number of turnovers these teams are forcing the Spurs into in what was last year touted as the precision offense of the League. Also obvious is the number of perimeter shots teams are able to hit against the Spurs defense with it's guard-heavy roster often times making bench players look like stars.

If it has been an exhausting season so far for Pop, it has probably been even more exhausting for RC Buford, who so far, has not been able to land the talent to fill in the gaps. Given a couple of days rest for Pop, maybe he comes out refreshed and clear-headed going into the weekend and can team up with RC to attempt to find a solution. The odds do not seem very favorable but things tend to change fast near the trade deadline. If not, it's back to Plan A which might miraculously come together before the playoffs. Pop mentioned the importance of momentum going into the playoffs. Can they find it in the next 29 games is yet to be seen.

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