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Still can't believe this "smart and classy" guy is the leagues poster child

When asked if he realized that dunking in front of the cameras would reignite this issue, James replied, "Yeah, I was doing it before the cameras got there, and they just, so...It doesn't matter to me, though."

Why does he think it's so important to some people?

"Because it's me and I haven't done it, and I dunk in the game," James said. "So there's a lot of factors."

Does he have some philosophical reason for avoiding it?

"If there was, I wouldn't tell you," James said. "Because then it would be another story."


"If it was a sponsor thing, I would have been did it," James said, again through a smile. "Because Sprite is all Saturday night. So I would have been did it, if it was sponsorship. So obviously, it's not that."

James said he competed in the McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest while a senior in high school "because I felt it was right to do...I've never been a dunk-contest guy. I don't know, I've just never had a feeling to do it."

LeBron James Says He's Still 'Not a Dunk Contest Guy' | Bleacher Report
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