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All Spurs played as a TEAM that is why they won!
This TEAM amazes me!
Rock on Spurs!
Spurs slowly unveil MORE TOUGHNESS!
And Spurs RULE!
It takes time but Spurs are starting to get that TEAM concept and trusting each other at the second half to MAKE it Happen! That is the Spirit! Closing is the hardest thing and Spurs are staring to crack that code to break that silence and Deliver their final PUNCH to win it!

Great Win despite all odds Spurs made it happen! All as a TEAM!
HUGE Props to Timmy Duncan, TP, MILLS, and GREEN!
Give the coaching staff a lot of credit too! Not an easy game and they nailed it!

Go Spurs Go
Carry on to the next victim!
Go Spurs Go!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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