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Spurs team have the absolutely best Coach in the NBA now. Don't anyone tell me that coaching is not such an important thing. It is huge!!!
Spurs team have some veteran players who have tons of experience in PO.
This Spurs team is so hungry for PO Run than any other Spurs team I have seen in History. To a point I feel that regular season games seem like not even satisfying to them as they are more focused on PO runs....

After going to finals last year, and besides the fact that a big number of key Spurs players is injured at this time and out. I have a sense that Spurs feel like mentality of coasting. Seriously it could happen to some players if they went all the way to the end of that top of that mountain and went down at the last drop to go back and start fresh with less attention to details and more attention to the big picture.
Yes I believe Spurs are struggling especially vs winning teams because they Spurs are more focused on winning down the road than right now.

Soon we can see Spurs starting to GEL and muster their Positive TEAM energy and starting to dig deep down to find answers and win more critical games vs winning teams. As Spurs get healthier and think clearer the picture will be more clear on which Teams might be cutting thru the WEST to make it to PO land.

There is still a long time. Spurs still can build up... And show up!

True OKC and some other Western team own HCA on us but in a 7 games series the result might very well be different with experience showing.
Go Spurs Go!
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