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"The Spurs still have several things to improve on in the second half of the season but the team is filled with potential. Once they become healthier, the Spurs will start picking up more quality wins. Green and Leonard will boost their perimeter defense and Splitter will enhance the middle on both ends of the court. So the future of this Spurs’ team still remains promising despite their recent struggles. "

Unfortunately there are a handful of teams OKC, Portland, Indiana etc who have great "potential" in athleticism and size, also know that they have things to improve on before the playoffs and have had no problem beating a healthy Spurs team to date. The teams mentioned above have demonstrated to this point, that they can improve faster than the Spurs since the end of last season. I hope you are correct in that the Spurs will out pace these teams in improvement before the end of the regular season but the regular season improvement race is currently being won by OKC who is learning to beat any opponent without Westbrook. It is not likely that the Spurs stand head and shoulders above other teams in regular season improvement anymore. A number of teams have now achieved this sophistication.

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