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I was just checking the 9 losses. The loss to the Knicks is probably an aberration and shouldn't be considered but I'll put it up anyway.

Loss #1: @ Portland
Loss #2: @ Oklahoma
Loss #3: vs Houston
Loss #4: vs Indiana
Loss #5: @ LA Clippers
Loss #6: vs Oklahoma
Loss #7: vs Houston
Loss #8: vs New York
Loss #9: vs Portland

Now what happened with each team the next few games after beating the Spurs.

Loss #1: Portland --> Lost next game vs Houston (then won 11 in a row)
Loss #2: Oklahoma --> Won the next 3 games
Loss #3: Houston --> Lost next 2 games (@ Utah and vs Phoenix)
Loss #4: Indiana --> Lost @ Oklahoma
Loss #5: LA Clippers --> Won the next 3 games
Loss #6: Oklahoma --> Lost vs Toronto
Loss #7: Houston --> Won next 2 games
Loss #8: New York --> Lost @ Houston
Loss #9: Portland --> Won @ Dallas (lost the next two @ Houston and Oklahoma)

Considering the good records of all those teams (save for New York) it seems like they had to spend a lot of energy to beat the Spurs and many had some kind of let down right after.

I understand the confidence-building thing but it seems those games were a lot more important for confidence-building for the other team than for the Spurs and maybe just recently the Spurs are looking at these games as needing to win some of them for confidence reasons.
So I fully expect them to beat Oklahoma tonight and will be very disappointed if they don't.
But that doesn't mean I'll loose faith in them or in their chances once the playoffs start.
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