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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Believe it or not, I think Green and Splitter not being out there made a difference, and I'm not a fan of Splitter. Green, despite his bad shooting, still plays good defense and I have to think he would have had an effect on Wes Matthews. Bellineli is a great shooter, but he's not that great at individual defense. Plus, Splitter probably would have taken some of those rebounds from Aldridge and given Lopez more to think about.

Either way, this is the same as last year. They had trouble with the Clippers, the Heat, the Blazers and Memphis early in the year. We were all talking about how they just weren't athletic enough (which is true), yet they made it to the finals and should have beat the best team in the league last year. I'm not saying they can do it again, but it's not like it's impossible.
I agree with all of that but Griffin was hobbling, Westbrook was done for the season, the Blazers were not ready, nor were the Pacers and so on. The Spurs are not likely to be so lucky this year.

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