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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
Thomas is a 3/4, any minutes he would take would be Bonner's....and he can't spread the floor like Bonner, so don't hold your breath on seeing him on the playoff roster at all.

What's with all the Green hate lately? Oh wow, teams are actually guarding him and he's not shooting as well. His role is to play great defense and not screw up too much on offense, the Bowen slot. Its not like he's not playing great D on the guys that are too small for Kawhi or the other team's 2nd best perimeter guy...often pgs that Tony would have to guard Lillard and Westbrook. Spurs fans are a fickle bunch sometimes.
How do you know that Thomas can not spread the floor like Bonner? I know that I don't know because he has not yet been introduced to the NBA. However his D-League stats and videos this season say he is certainly doing just that on the D-League level.

And in my opinion, no team could ever have enough shot blockers....ever.

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