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Originally Posted by scarlet View Post
I thought we out played them. They hit 4-5 threes down the stretch that normally would be low percentage. To be honest I actually think the reason we lose is because the fans at home games suck. They dont even bother showing up to the 3rd quarter, and show no energy. We are 15-3 on the road and 16-6 at home. We are the only team that is worse at home. We need to raise the ticket prices so fans take the games more seriously.
I beg to differ. Portland outplayed the Spurs when they needed to. Unfortunately, this has been a pattern against the elites this season, and after so many data points, the evidence doesn't lie. It has taken years to get to this point, but finally, we have reached the intersection where the Spurs have declined enough, AND several other teams have improved enough (and in many cases have become very Spurs-like), to a point where it will require a step-change for the Spurs to overcome this gap. Either all those teams suffer permanent setbacks (injuries, god forbid) for the balance of the year, as we'll surely face them again in the playoffs, or the Spurs make an absolute, undisputed upgrade to their own roster.
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