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Cavaliers looking at Monday to pick Andrew Bynum trade partner

Link to article: Report: Cavaliers looking at Monday to pick Andrew Bynum trade partner | ProBasketballTalk

Deadlines move people in the NBA.

To clear the second half of Andrew Bynumís $12.2 million off their books before the deal becomes guaranteed, a team has to waive Bynum by Jan. 7, next Tuesday.

So Monday the Cavaliers are going to trade him. Thatís the plan reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Adrian Wojnarowski ✔ @WojYahooNBA
Cavs mulling a few trade scenarios for Andrew Bynum, with target of Monday to choose one. Unlikely Cavs send out significant asset w/ Bynum.
12:50 PM - 3 Jan 2014

The most discussed Bynum trade, that for Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers, appears dead based on the second half of that tweet ó the Lakers as an organization are not disposed to make a salary dump and tank for the playoffs, they would want some future potential building blocks in the deal along with the cash savings. Cleveland isnít giving up assets.

That trade also shows you what the Cavaliers hope to find in a deal ó a quality player like Gasol who can help you make a playoff push.

In theory the Cavaliers could hold on to Bynum and pay him $6.2 million to be a trade chip at the draft (teams could get him and waive the full $12.5 million off next yearís books), but I wouldnít bet on that scenario.
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