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Originally Posted by choppsboy (Bynum on the block.....)
It is not a matter of environment. The dude just doesn't like playing basketball. He won't like it any better playing for Pop.

True true, so true. And remember, nobody is under the radar of Popís watchful eye, not even Manu, TD or TP. When you screw up on the court, Pop lays into you, whether it be in practice or in front of 17000 home fans. You have to project Ďwhat would Bynum do if he is criticized for not running the floor or didnít provide defensive support to a teammateí. Would he cower and spill his guts to the media looking for help or stand his ground and take it like a man or pack his bags and head for home? Also remember, he was in a winning environment while in LA and still was evaluated by one of the best (Jabbar) as having little desire to play the game before going to Philly. I donít know, maybe hitting the fast lane straight out of high school and the high expectations were too much for him to handle at a young age. With the hopes to go after a 5th championship before TD and Pop calling it quits, taking on an unknown project is not in the cards, IMHO. Too much drama for me and I donít want to look at the last page of the book to see how it ends --- pass.
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