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dNice article!

1. Tony I believe will become back an MVP for Spurs as season progresses. No question Tony is the Spurs Go to Guy. He is DA MAN!
That is why Pop keeps sporadically saving him as much as he can. Pop knows he needs to keep that Tony fresh for a long time this season to stay fresh come PO!

2. Spurs are yet to get their legs back, but when they do and when TP is back to his normal last year strength, Spurs will be back to beat ANY QUALITY NBA Teams. I would rather Spurs take it slowly and surely they will get there. I don't really care if the Spurs win as much as I care now that they get IMPROVED especially defensively on a consistent basis. If Spurs can keep that Grinding Defensive Scheme consistent they will be a FORCE to be reckoned in this league. LEONARD is that key for this defense. But we need all Spurs to keep it up not just TD and Leonard on a consistent basis.

3. LOVE LEONARD and he is such a blooming Super Star in the makes. He had showed us how HUNGRY he can be for doing so well. I swear to God he amazes me so many times with his plays. Has has such an Incredible DRIVE along with a Very High BASKETBALL IQ. Still, Leonard still is missing few tweaks here and there.

I think the difference between Leonard and Tim, Tony and Manu besides that NBA and Pop -Spurs experience in that Style of play Pop had been changing in the last few years. While Leonard will probably force Pop to again change his style to a better newer one. Pop is still utilizing an old style for now there is no doubt in my mind Pop would slowly end up tweaking it toward Leonard's style. One thing we know Pop is very meticulous when he starts new things.
Go Spurs Go!
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