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Very Nice Win for Da Spurs!
Despite being another win vs. Bottom Feeders team = SacTown. Still... Great Way for Spurs to keep on POUNDING ON THAT ROCK Baby!

Despite a low energy first half. Spurs dug down deep- thanks to Manu who kept pushing the Spurs up!!!!! Then Timmmmaaay and TONY for the KILL!!!

Spurs Played their Arses off in the second half. Just so they could erase an Ugly first half.

But Hey for now Spurs are getting their legs back and getting used to playing TOGETHER AS A TEAM!

So let Spurs keep finding ways to win vs. Any NBA team to practice enough before second half of the season comes in and teams start to get tougher and tougher to beat.

Go Spurs Go!!
Go Spurs Go!
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