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The Knicks and Netsí players were both boasting in preseason that they each were the Ďbig men on campusí in New York City and would be runaway winners in the East. The Knicks with their high priced spread roster of Stoudemire, Chandler, Bargnani, Anthony, JR Smith and Felton arenít exactly burning up the league in this young season and are definitely on the path to the lottery. To me, the reality is that Woodson might be looking over his shoulder for management to deliver the pink slip and show him the door before the ball drops in Times Square on New Yearís Eve. Neither Felton nor Prigioni were putting up all-star stats at the guard position and picking on Udrich sure isnít helping any with Woodson needing someone to place the blame. As for Udrichís shooting, with the criticism and lack of support being shown to him by his coach, Iíd be a little timid about putting the ball up myself and be a little paranoid too with hopes I get out of the arena in one piece. I gotta feel for the Knicks fans, that organization sure has dropped the ball over the years.
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