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Trade ideas...

I don't think it's too early or too unreasonable to say that this Spurs team can't win the league championship with the current roster. Not with Houston, OKC and Miami/Indy being so good, not only as teams but also as collections of exceptional individual talent that are able to dominate their respective matchups.

So... If we're going to compete for a ring this year, we'll have consolidate resources to trade for a significant player at one of our weaker positions. With that being said, it may be debated what positions those are, and of course all depends on who is available out there and what other teams' needs are.

What do you all think? There are certainly some talented players out there who could help us, and there are always going to be teams willing to deal, for various reasons. What trade scenarios could make sense for the Spurs, for now and for the future?
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