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Bulls Guard Jimmy Butler Does Not Support ‘***** Money & Weed’

Jimmy Butler Apology For "***** Weed & Money" Shirt | PHOTO | SportsGrid

Bulls guard Jimmy Butler isn’t a fan of “*****,” or “money” or “weed” just because he has a shirt with those words on it. Really? Not even money? Alright.

What’s this all about, you ask? A certain photo of Butler has been circulating the web recently:

Probably not to best look for a basketball player to be espousing the virtues of weed. The other stuff is pretty baseline athlete fare, however. Regardless, Butler tweeted a response today.

In regards to the picture that is circulating… “It simply matched my shoes.” It was that simple, people. Jimmy Butler doesn’t have time to READ all those WORDS on his CLOTHES. When he’s getting dressed, it’s a split-second decision: Are these two things the same color?

Good, he’s putting them on.

So rest easy, basketball fans. Jimmy Butler isn’t insensitive — he’s just extremely busy.
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