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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Splitter is still garbage on the offensive end....missing lay-ups, airballing that crappy ass hook shot and Danny Green is looking terrible. If Green can hit 3's and score, he's useless. And all that closing out on 3 point shooters and leaving his feet is murder on our defense. But we should expect this from Tiago,it's his first big contract year. Usually what happens, get a big contract, and play like crap. Trade them both.
I agree about Green, he has no offensive game other than shooting the three. He makes terrible passes, and I can't stand how he closes out on shooters. He is the only one that leaves his feet like that, I don't understand how pop hasn't corrected that.

Marco should get the start over him at this point. But then that takes him away from that second unit with manu and patty, and they have been playing so well together.
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