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The biggest problem I see, and the reason I made this post is when do the Spurs learn how to play against the other great teams in the league when we play them so infrequently? How will we know if we are improving? We can't tell that we are getting better by our record when so many teams out there suck so bad that we beat them by huge margins.

I will only be able to judge our chances at getting a title by our record against good teams, so our overall record doesn't mean anything.

I also don't like the fact that our players play so few minutes. We might think that we are saving them for the playoffs. However, in the playoffs Tony Parker was warn out . . . . Why should he have been warn out when his minutes were so spared in the regular season? Maybe it is because his body wasn't used to playing 36 minutes per game because he only played 30 minutes per game all year. I hope that as we approach the end of the season, we play our best players the same type of minutes we expect them to play in the playoffs so their bodies can get used to that.
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