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Addressing the East/West Imbalance

The incoming commissioner says this issue will need to be addressed.

As it stands now, 4 sub .500 teams in the east will not make the lottery and 4 +.500 in the west will, giving the west an opportunity to get even stronger.

Here's my solution. The 16 teams with the best records make the playoffs. Some tweaking would have to be done as to tie breaker rules but that's a minor issue. Based on the standings as they exist today, Golden State, Minnesota, New Orleans and the Lakers, the 4 teams below the top 8 in the west, make the Eastern Conference playoffs. The likelihood of defeating the top seeds in the East is small but fair. Based on today's standings 12/15/2013, the matchups are as follows:

Indiana vs Boston
Miami vs Lakers
Atlanta vs New Orleans
Golden State vs Minnesota

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