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Originally Posted by Guille View Post
Vasquez would be a big upgrade over nando or cory, and has only one year in the books. I like it for us, not for the raps though.
I could see how it would be lopsided for the Spurs but Joseph is a Toronto native. Nando gives them quality depth too. Vasquez is a FA after this year and could bolt from Toronto or SA. Joseph gives them the hometown guy with upside and another year on his deal. It's a good sell to the Toronto fans. Vasquez competes very well and to me Joseph and De Colo are dead weight to the Spurs in my books. That's why I love it for the spurs. Vasquez would actually do more harm to the Raps because they might actually win more games and hurt their lottery position in a deep draft. I like the deal for both sides.
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