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Originally Posted by rapidEtpetit View Post
Gasol, D’Antoni Remain At Odds Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith |

First Dwight, now Pau? Can this man not utilize big men unless they are doing a constant pick-and-roll with the now antiquated Nash?

Side note: What are the chances we could get Pau for a final ring push? His price tag is heavy $19Mil, but it DOES expire at the end of the season. I.e. we wouldn't have to re-up him. What if we got rid of Split/Bonner/Colo/Joseph and got Gasol in return?

IMO we're still deep enough without Split and Bonner now that Diaw has found his shot. Gasol next to Tim, Diaw and Baynes back up. The guards are a log-jam anyway. Marco/Manu/TP/Green and Mills seem plenty.

Lakers dump Pau for the free agency and we re-create the Twin Towers + KY + TP + The Foreign Legion for ring number 5.
Sure, but why would the Lakers want to take this deal? Kobe$24M + Split$10M + Nash$3M (cut/stretch provision) + CoJo$2M would leave them with about $10M to go after a free agent. In return they get a mediocre center not on a value contract and a PG who's ceiling is as a decent backup...maybe.

The only long term salary the Lakers should look to put on with this deal is a value contract. Anything else is worse than just letting Pau walk in free agency. The Spurs only have 3 value contracts...Parker, Duncan, and Leonard. I wouldn't trade any one of them for a 33 year old Gasol...unless his first name was Marc and he is 28 years old.
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