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Of the players Toronto got back in the Rudy Gay trade, Vazquez is the only one I really liked. I saw him play at Maryland before coming to the NBA and the couple times he has played against the Spurs, he’s been a pain in the ass, but very effective. At 6’6”, I think he plays both the point and the 2 guard and you are right, he’s a good passer. And playing the point and his size affords him the ability to take his man low in the block. If a trade like what you’re proposing were to present itself, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. But with Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli both playing remarkably well at this season’s start, Cory and Nando both seem to be expendable at this point. However, if a trade like this were to happen, isn’t there some kind of probationary period after a trade where a player can’t be touched? Besides, with his size, I see him either battling Kyle Lowry for the starting point guard spot or playing the #2 spot. But I do think he would look good in the silver and black.
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