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Eddy, you're right on time with your post above. Thanks.

I went back and reread some of the earlier posts on this thread and I canít knock Baynes. He was acquired less than a year ago and has shown, at least to me, heís willing to put out the effort to fit in. Granted, his path here might have been smoothed over by Coach Brown being here to put in the good words, but Baynes fills a roster spot. He has done everything that has been asked of him and sitting at the end of the bench and going back and forth to Austin, this kid knows he is a role player and is willing to bang with the big guys and give up his body to take the charges when given a chance. He doesnít get the minutes of most of the players in front of him, primarily because the Spurs just have one of the most talented benches, if not the best, in the league and Baynes has to pay his dues to ascend to the other end of the bench. Yes, I will admit Iím one of those guys who harp on Ďif given added playing timeí will give a player more chances to improve. A guy can have all the talent in the world but in my mind, you canít beat added playing time to gain experience playing with your teammates, learning their habits, improve your reflexes to opponentís moves and being able to pace yourself throughout a game. Iím sure when Manu arrived on the scene he hit a few guys in the head and chest with his blind passes before the other Spurs players learned his playing style. And I will say this, if Baynes continues to come off the bench and contribute like he did last night against the Raptors, heís going to get the attention of not only Pop and his staff, heís going to send reminders to Splitter, Diaw, Bonner, Ayres and a few others that heís here and vying for more PT. I sincerely hope he succeeds because the added competition to play better will not only help the players, it will eventually help the Spurs to continue to be a force in the league.
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