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When you damage an Achilles tendon in basketball (or any sport), that type of injury puts thoughts in your head that weren’t there before. I had a good friend who played basketball at another high school who was 3rd team all Ohio in his sophomore year in basketball and he tore his tendon playing football in his junior year (he was an all sport athlete). When we played against his team late in his senior year, I told him after the game he seemed a little slower in his drive to the rim and looked hesitant in his actions on the floor. He told me about those thoughts in his head and he felt lucky to be able to walk, let alone to play ball again. Of course, that was back in the late 60s and medical treatment and rehab have come a long way since then, but the human body hasn’t changed, just different ways you take care of it. But if the Lakers want to pay Bryant 48 million over 2 years, after his injury, I guess they got some terrific player insurance policies in their back pocket. They could probably land 2-3 pretty good ballplayers, long term, with that kind of dough but what the hey, it’s LA, they know what they’re doing. I just wonder what Dr Jerry Buss would have done. And that's why I'm a Spurs fan too!!
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