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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Sorry but true competitors don't coast. Kobe, Durant Manu. He's doesn't look the same right now. Like something is on his mind other than hoops..... Something more important bball. A divorce is devastating to some and can weigh on a man. We all know he's a huge family guy. That's just my opinion. But Duncan coasting..... NEVER! Leave that to guys like Howard.
I agree with you TD family issues and going through such an ugly divorce naturally can have a great toll on TD or any Super Star's life the coming year after that. This season is going to be none of previous seasons for TD. Period. No matter how you slice it. TD's ex wife had done him very wrong and was very ugly about it too. No doubt!

However seriously the way Spurs lost last year in the last few seconds of game 7 in Finals had the Biggest IMPACT on TD's start now IMHO. You just don't recover that easily from that.

Do we all remember the .4 Fisher basket at Game 5 May 13, 2004 of WESTERN CONF SEMI FINALS... Which one hurt most?
I think the last year PO exit at the finals hurt more because Spurs were right there and within few sec of winning it all....DEF 2013 PO exit was the UGLIEST one EVER for this Spurs team and will take longer to get over.

Then comes TD's divorce this off season to make him even more sad.

I feel for the HOF Fella. He is the ULTIMATE COMPETITOR and the best thing that ever happened here to our beloved Spurs bringing us our first title in 99 that magical dream team... How can we forget how competitive this TD is all those years he created HISTORY in San Antonio and wrote it all with his blood and sweat and tears of joy and struggle. There is no doubt in my mind TD still have that Heart of Super Champion in him. But still the way I see is Pop had changed his Coaching Staff for the first time all of them are new guys and our Spurs team is changing to give roles more to our new emerging Leader in Mr. Leonard. Pop as I see this year is doing all that and giving TD more relaxed role to start the season. You can even see how Diaw and Tiago are both starting with much more aggressive roles. TD needs to be saved for later. Because last year TD was a bit over used and add some personal family issues that means Pop gives TD more freedom. That how I see it.

My estimate is that it would take half of the regular season before we see the full strength TD IMHO. And the way Pop is setting his rotation this season, I don't see Spurs affected with TD taking his time to recover and just play with a coasting mentality.
Go Spurs Go!

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