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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
We solved how to stop Chris Paul flopping.... actually make contact!

Flagrant doesn't have to mean you tried to hurt, it just means that you did something intentional or stupid to endanger someone else..... jumping in the air and extending your leg out horizontally at head height matches that.

There is no reason for him to logically do that except he didn't care about anyone else's welfare he was going to stop it by any means possible, he should never be allowed to do that and so I think he got off lightly.

He could have broken multiple parts of Cliff's face and then if he is out for a couple of weeks that is 6 games at least, Allen was lucky he didn't get more.

And BTW Bruce should have got time for that, he has definitely got the Kudos for it.
If you watch his right hand, he brings the ball up like he's about to pass the ball to his left then brings the ball back in. Allen jumped in reaction to what he thought was a pass coming his way. You're also talking about a guy who gets 12 assists a game, so you expect him to pass first. I don't know, maybe he didn't have to kick his leg out, but even Paul didn't think it was intentional.
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