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"Spurs tickets offer the best value"

Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond*
In this category, there is little room for argument. The best value in the league comes from the elite teams. It should come as no surprise that San Antonio Spurs tickets offer the best value. The Spurs fall in the bottom 10 of the league when it comes to average ticket price, but they rank at a solid second place on my "interestingness" scale. With a good amount of star power, a Finals run last season, and as one of the most successful modern teams, they bring a lot to the table. The Pacers come in second place, as they have even cheaper tickets, and nearly equal interestingness. One could argue that with their hot start to this season, the Pacers have the upper hand on the Spurs. Even the Heat, who demand the highest ticket price in the league, do well in the value category, as they boast two consecutive championships and the highest-rated star power in the league.

Spurs, Pacers Offer Great Value for NBA Tickets | Andrew Powell-Morse
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