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Originally Posted by disciple View Post
I am a big proponent of stats. Sometimes you have to look beyond them.

Baynes gives this team something they don't have otherwise. An unmovable force inside.

You can say anything you want about him but he was neither moved or intimidated by Dwight Howard in that series when he covered him.

He fills a need on this team that his roster spot is worthy of. Anything else is gravy.

Don't underestimate the value he has in practices either.

ehhh, i wouldn't quite call him immovable. to you and me, sure immovable. to a heathy, dominant nba big? i think fodder.

i think context is important in that lakers series. d12 was not there physically (back) and mentally to really do anything against baynes. sure, baynes had a few decent stops against him, but i wonder how he holds up against the rockets' version of d12.

not arguing that blair would be better, but i don't really see baynes doing anything for us this year.
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