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NBA League Pass -- Free til Nov 3 -- TWC

I don't know if anybody has mentioned or posted this on SR but I received this as a customer advisory email and would like to pass it on to those of you who might be interested. Evidently, Time Warner Cable (TWC) is providing free NBA League Pass access until November 5th, just to give you a taste of their NBA broadcasting values in hopes to pry a few bucks from you for their service. I don't have the service so I can't speak to its quality or value. I follow one team and the local TV stations televise enough games for me. For those of you who can't get enough, this might be the service for you. If any of you are subscribers to NBA League Pass, feel free to comment as to its value. I checked the TWC cable channels and found NBA League Pass has channels 725 thru 743. Just a heads-up.

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