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Man the Spurs are the hardest team in the NBA to predict. Every year they look weaker and weaker on paper, but somehow win games on the court.

If you don't think Miami will be the best team in the East again this year, you are flat crazy. The Pacers might be a tough out, but unless Miami has injury problems, they won't take the Heat in the playoffs.

I think top of the West will be San Antonio and OKC again. Spurs will win a lot of regular season games per usual, and probably have the best record against sub-.500 teams like they usually do. But come playoffs, I don't think they will be able to take OKC's star power in Durant/Westbrook.

LeBron should win MVP again, and will probably deserve it. I'm worried about the Spurs on the injury front, with Duncan and Manu very vulnerable at their age.

OKC vs Miami in the Finals. I think the Thunder might actually pull it out this time.

When the Spurs makes Baby Jesus cry
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