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I couldn't find my crystal ball but here's my stab at it:

LA Clippers vs Indiana with LAC winning

Chris Paul (LAC)

Oladipo (Orlando)

Doc Rivers (LAC)

A few other thoughts.....
- One of Miami’s Big 3 (Bosh, Wade, James) will endure an injury sidelining them most of season
- Durant will not win the scoring title but will finish either 2nd or 3rd
- Denver will not make the playoffs
- LA Clippers will lead the league in team defense
- Washington will make the Eastern Conference playoffs
- Spurs will battle Houston for the Southwest Division title and win by mere percentage points
- Phoenix will have the worst record over Philly because the Suns play in a tougher conference
- Both Cleveland and Detroit will surprise in the East and make the playoffs
- Spurs consecutive 50 win season will be in jeopardy for the first time in years
- Howard will be the Defensive Player of Year also leading league in blocks/rebounds
- Central Division will prove to be the strongest in the league (Chicago/Detroit/Cleveland/Indiana) with all four of these teams making the playoffs
- Eastern Conference playoffs teams (in no particular order): Miami, NY, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Indiana, Washington
- Western Conference playoffs teams (in no particular order): Spurs, Houston, GSW, LA Clippers, OKC, Minnesota, Memphis, Portland
- Spurs playoff seed: 4th thru 6th
- Spurs will make a trade before the Feb deadline and will include one or more of the following players (Baynes, Diaw, Mills, DeColo, Bonner)
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