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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
The Wizards are putting together a nice crew of young players in Bradley Beal, John Wall, Otto Porter, Glen Rice and now Shannon Brown and Gortat. But as a result of this trade, the Wiz just declined to pick up next year’s option on Jan Vesely (7’0”), a recent first round 6th pick and Chris Singleton (6’9”), a defensive specialist out of Florida State. Under the right tutelage, Vesely might be an interesting pickup on the cheap in the near future. On the same token, it looks like the Suns are rebuilding through the draft, picking up their 4th first round pick in next year’s NBA draft. Is there going to be a race between Phoenix and Philly for this year’s cellar dweller?

But I have to agree, I wonder what the Spurs might have had to give up to go after Gortat. Then again, the Suns unloaded a lot of baggage to match Okafor’s salary, but getting that first round pick in return didn’t hurt any either. Of course, if the Suns buy out Okafor and he becomes a free agent, we still have that 15th roster spot for a minimum salaried player, if we are looking for an injury prone player.
I think they are not bringing on Brown from internet reports. Key was the pick. Phoenix might have 4 first rounders in a deep draft. It's not a given. Also everyone and their mother is saying this is a deep draft. So don't say the draft always sucks and is too hyped. I think the Spurs trading up for Kawhi shows the the value in the draft. The draft is the way to go. Not trades or free agents. The key is the draft. The only reason the Miami thing worked was because they had Wade (they drafted him) already and players took less money. And they got Pat Riley. He can sell snow to eskimos. He is that good. Besides build through the draft. Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, Duncan etc. Those franchises won because of the drafts. Kobe was a trade like Kawhi but that's an exemption and Kawhi or Kobe will never be associated with the teams that drafted them because the deals were in place already before they were selected. So in my eyes they were picked by the Lakers and Spurs in my eyes.
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