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From the article: “Howard is 33 and coming off his second major knee surgery in less than three years, having had his feel-good comeback in Minnesota sidetracked by a torn ACL in his right knee last December……………In his bid to make a contribution with the Spurs, Howard faces a climb that is similarly uphill.”

Wow, I’m stomped. Why are we in such a hurry to fill that 15th slot? Since we can only suit 12 players, who sits to allow him to play, if he’s still around when that happens? With the season starting in a few days, it looks like the regular season schedule will be Howard's training camp or is he still eligible to play D-league, with his NBA tenure? Pop sure likes his veterans. A Michael Finley he’s not, at least not at this stage in his career. I’m just glad it’s a non-guaranteed contract.
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