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Not even for a second. He's self-indulgent, immature person who doesn't appear to really 'want' to succeed in the NBA. If you've followed his antics with the Rockets, and their D-League team the in the Valley you'd have seen how much he acts like a spoiled child.

And spare me, the 'oh we've got to make allowances for him, because he has he's got anxiety issues, poor baby is afraid to fly.' He was making a million bucks a year, he could have easily afforded the very best mental health professionals to help him deal, the Rockets offered him help, instead he spent his time on twitter blaming everyone but himself for his troubles and demanding that everyone bow and cave to his desire.

Oh and he got his butt ejected from a pre-season game this year playing for Philly, he's not stable in any way shape or form.

He needs to spend time now learning how tough it is for the rest of us to make a living.
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