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There once was a pious man who lived by a river. One day it began to rain. It rained and poured for three days until the river rose and the man was forced onto his roof. He prayed for salvation. Just then a his neighbor floated by on a raft of logs. “Hop on” he said and the pious man replied “no my God will save me”. A few minutes later a crowded ferry floated by and the people yelled to him “take the rope and climb aboard the river is flooding!” “No” said the pious man “my God will save me”. A few minutes later a man in a canoe floated past “Get in you fool” he shouted. “The dam has burst” Again the pious man said “my God will save me I have no fear”. Well, a few minutes later the water from the broken dam rushed in and the man drowned. He stood in front of his God who, looked very surprised. The God spoke and said “what are you doing here? I sent you a raft, a ferry and a canoe!”
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