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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Kawhi has a huge upside to maybe not yet but in the playoffs or the finals especially last year he was better. I agree on the rest of what you said though and I believe he was more hurt then he lead on later in the year. I still don't know how he did some of those TO's when stumbling and throwing the ball right to the other team a few times but all in all I think he has something left.

He will not be near Ginobili of old though, don't count on that. If he had a TIMMAY ressurgence though, LOOK OUT! One can only hope.

Manu definitely was hurt last year and obviously was frustrated in his inconsistency. With that said, I see a major resurgence and predict the spurs best regular season in recent memory. If that translates to a chip, remains tbd. One would hope
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