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Spurs coach Popovich speaks out against baseline photographers

Tony Parker left the Spursí preseason game against the Heat on Saturday after hitting his finger on the camera of a photographer seated along the baseline.

There was no serious injury sustained, but it gave Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich yet another opportunity to publicly speak out against various arena personnel being stationed so close to the players on the floor.

From Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News:
Parkerís left hand is fine, but his head coach was not thrilled with the cameramanís proximity to the court at AmericanAirlines Arena.
ďItís a danger waiting to happen,Ē Gregg Popovich said. Ö
ďItís kind of like when youíre in your neighborhood. You keep telling people you need a stop sign, and they donít change it until a kid gets killed and then they put up a stop sign,Ē Popovich said. ďSomebody of stature is going to get seriously hurt by one of those guys, and then all hell will break loose.Ē
Last season, Steven Jackson (before he was cut) sustained an injury when he collided with a waitress taking an order on the sideline while the game was in progress.

Baseline photographers are indeed a hazard to the players, and if they canít be moved back far enough to prevent any type of injury, then they should be eliminated from that floor location altogether.

Popovich is right ó an injury to one of the gameís high-profile stars isnít worth a few extra high-quality photos from a baseline angle.

Link to article: Spurs coach Popovich speaks out against baseline photographers | ProBasketballTalk
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