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How the Spurs almost lost Ginobiliís contract because of a bird attack

This is one of the strangest NBA stories you are ever going to read.

This summer the Spurs decided to keep the band together for a couple more years, and as part of that they agreed to a new two-year, $14.5 million contract with Manu Ginobili. That might be overpaying him at this point, but thatís a debate for another day.

Ginobili went home to Argentina this summer, as he does every summer, so the Spurs sent an intern from the front office down there to get him to sign the deal (they like things hand delivered).

And thatís when it got weird. Weíll let Jerť Longman of the New York Times tell the story.
Hours before the Spursí intern was to fly home from Buenos Aires, team officials said that he was strafed by a bird in a park. As he tidied up at a fountain, his backpack disappeared. Inside were Ginobiliís signed contract, along with the internís passport, cellphone and laptop.

Luckily, an international sports crisis was averted. An assistant traveling to Buenos Aires soon after brought a fresh contract and returned it to Texas without incident.

ďNo birds got to him,Ē Sean Marks, the Spursí director of basketball operations, said with a laugh. ďWe were all waiting for Manuís contract to show up on eBay. It hasnít yet.Ē
Let me get this straight: There is a criminal in Buenos Aires who has trained a bird or birds to attack people then he steals their belongings during the attack? Thatís brilliant. Okay, it is probably just a guy who knows that the birds in the park can do this and uses the opportunity for his crimesÖ but I love the idea of the trained criminal attack birds so I will choose to believe that is what happened.

What Iíd really like to hear is a recording of the call when the intern called back to San Antonio to explain how birds attacked him and thatís why he lost Ginobiliís contract and a team laptop. That was probably the best part of the entire incident.

Link to article: How the Spurs almost lost Ginobili?s contract because of a bird attack | ProBasketballTalk
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