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Originally Posted by Spurd_On (Spurs Waive Maggette, Cousin and Kabongo) (Spurs Waive Maggette, Cousin and Kabongo)
Pop is moving fast. I think he wants to get his regular rotations set early. As I mentioned in another thread, I wonder if Nando DeColo's stint with the Spurs is in jeopardy. Nwaelele is impressive.

I was wondering when Pop would lessen the load on the roster. Fells has impressed me with his shooting and hustle in both Sunday’s and last night’s Denver game. I also like Nwaelele’s game and shooting too..

You mentioned DeColo’s days might be numbered reminded me of Sunday’s game against the Suns. DeColo started the 2nd half and Pop pulled him after 90 seconds of play. They had a ‘nice’ discussion in front of the bench and DeColo had a seat furtherest away from Pop. He didn’t see any action until the 4th quarter. I read somewhere that Utah might be looking for a point guard since their 1st round pick in Trey Burke is out due to a finger break. Depending on who you listen to, his agent or Burke, he’ll be out for either 4-6 weeks or 8-12 weeks. I wonder if the Jazz have anything to barter that they’re willing to give up who might fit our needs?
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