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New Kawhi Article - Grantland/Zach Lowe

Here's a great Kawhi Article

The lasting image of the 2013 NBA Finals, an all-time classic series, will always be Ray Allen's season-saving corner 3 a shot both impossible and inevitable, ludicrously difficult under the most intense pressure that can exist, but also a shot you (and he) could map out in your brain the minute Chris Bosh rebounded LeBron's miss with Allen just to Bosh's right. It was probably the single most important shot in NBA history, and indisputably the most painful moment in the Spurs' franchise history.

But the second-most potent image from that series gives San Antonio legitimate hope that 2012-13 wasn't the last gasp of a proud, aging group. And that image is: HOLY CRAP, KAWHI LEONARD.

NBA Season Preview, The X-Files - Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs - Grantland
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