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After going to the AT&T Center this afternoon and watching the Spurs lose to the Suns, I got to wonder if Maggette would be of any benefit to the team. Yes, he does get to the foul line having scored 8 of his 10 points from the free throw line. But he doesnt play defense very well nor does he get back on defense very fast. He even fouled out of the game. And if he still has tender knee problems, then there's that to consider. Leonard, Kabongo, Nwaelele and Diaw did not play. However, the 66 G/F Courtney Fells (rookie out of North Carolina State a while back) did impress with his rebounding, hustle and moves to the basket. All in all, Id say that the last spot on the active roster will probably be kept open unless someone else impresses Pop before the 30 Oct opening game against Memphis.

Just for grins, does anybody know what the timeline is for roster reduction for the remainder of the preseason?
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