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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Yes. Jordan, 6-6, Kobe,6-6, Reggie Miller, 6-5/6-6, Harden 6-5, Ray Allen 6-5. Just a few. Pippen 6-7/6-8, Larry Bird 6-8/6-9, Danny Granger 6-8, Carmelo 6-8, Beasley 6-10, A.I.,6-7. Just a few. When I think SF, and match ups, I see guys 6-7 to 6-9, per say AK47. Yeah you can get away with it now a days with all the small ball, but putting a 6-5/6 guy on these hybrid SF's is brutal. It's just the Spurs always get undersized guys when it comes to the 3,4,5 position. Give me length, or give me death.
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