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Must admit I have not seen Nunnally play, but if your description is accurate he sounds like a good fit. if being asked to make a decision between the two listed in the thread, I go for young.
If we look at either in backup rotation with the second unit it presents problems... if the other team has an athletic 3 and we put Maggette on him we will get burnt, if we have young in the game teams will be able to sag off him in order to help on Marco, Gino and Splitter.
the reason I would go for young has more to do with how he plays as situational player to rest Leonard and play with the starters. If we are going to rest KY I think Youngs skill set would mesh very well with the starters, with the exception of scoring, he is a similar player to KY in ability to defend a natural 3 and outrebound them...
just my take...
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