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Have the Spurs done enough this offseason?

Curious to see what we think about our offseason as it winds to a close with the start of camp. per usual, Im sure we will have a few unexpected roster changes and who knows what might happen given the injury situation... but lets assume everyone enters the season healthy and ready to go... did we do enough to bring back #5?

We kept Tiago, lets assume he improves marginally, perhaps becomes a better rebounder and increases his scoring average to a small degree.

We bring in Marco, does he give us enough power off the bench, when combined with our other players, to deliver the second unit surge that Manu gave us for so long.

Will Baynes ever be anything other then a situational backup/banger? can he improve to the point where he is a contributor?

Can danny green and Mr. Leonard improve enough to pick up the drops in production that MIGHT occur with parker and Duncan, compared to last year at least...

What will Manu look like this year?

can corey joseph, nando or patty become a full time serviceable backup?

lastly, who will get that last spot and will they contribute? I for one hope its Sam Young...

bonner and diaw are what they are, don't see much room for improvement although bonner has been getting steadily better as a post defender, which has impressed me...

lots of questions, but the biggest one in my mind is: did we do enough in the offseason to beat the thunder, the rockets and the heat in the playoffs?
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