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Iím sorry, I just donít see it with this guy even being considered for a position on the Spurs other than training camp fodder. There are 3 paragraphs in Choppsí introduction: Strengths/Weaknesses/Overall. There are far too many weaknesses outweighing the strengths. And when you finally get to the Overall, there are so many negatives (ďBut at his worst, he can be careless and inconsistent. In his defense his inability to play for 2/3 of the year really set back his development. Kabongo has the chance to be a second round steal, but his lack of readiness and undisciplined styleÖÖ), I canít get it fixed in my mind how he even got on the training camp roster. Iíve got to wonder if he even would be recruited for European ball, let alone the D-league unless someone greases the way.

If heís still on the roster during some of the pre-season games, maybe watching him physically play some minutes might sway me a little over what Iím reading, but IMHO, if he wants to play for the Spurs, come back in a couple years with a more promising resume and experience.
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