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Stumbled across this today
Manu number 85 down from last year's #24
"Ginobili actually considered retirement going into the playoffs. The end is near for this special player, but his reputation was enough to keep him on the list."

Kawhi number 40 up from last year's #72
"Where do you think Leonard is going to peak during his career in ranking projects like this one? He's already jumped from 72 to 40 going into his second year and it feels like he will still continue to get a lot better. Can he break the top 20? It doesn't seem insane, which shows you just how effective he is on both ends of the court. He could end up being the ultimate role player."

Tim number 12 up from number 20
"Can you believe it? Duncan actually rose eight spots this year. Just keeps getting better with age."
Way to go Timmy.....

I guess they'll have 25-1 tomorrow.
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