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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
He was mediocre as a freshman and then he shouldn't have lied to the investigators killing his soph season. He should have sucked it up and gone back to school and learned how to play. He's going to get to spend a ton of time in Europe or the D-League, because he's not NBA ready.
Because as we know, lying to NCAA investigators never results in anything good:

I hope more players forgo the sham that is college basketball and choose to start their careers in Europe or the d-leagues. Look, I would never in a million years tell anyone not to get a college education, but the current system in the NCAA is beyond a joke. Schools actively recruit students who have no intention of staying beyond a year in school to come and play for their programs. It seems pretty clear that this was Myck's plan going in. College should be a place where people go to earn a degree not be exploited as tools to generate wins and revenue for an athletic program. Athletics can be a part of education and for most student athletes it is, but in big time men's college basketball and football it's not. It is about putting millions of dollars in people's pockets.

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